Sanitex Bulgaria


Welcome to Sanitex Paper Mill. Proud to be the best tissue producer in Bulgaria, Sanitex Paper Mill was founded in 2000 and began production in 2001. Today, wе are one of the biggest paper mill manufacturing in Bulgaria.
In a relatively short period we have established our brand as one of the leading regional producers, and we are among the most technically advanced independent producers in the market.

Located in Kostinbrod, Bulgaria, we produce convertible jumbo rolls from the highest grades of virgin wood pulp. We occupy a site of over 28,000 m2 , with a pulp store, machine house, stock preparation facilities, tissue machines, warehouses and offices. Our jumbo rolls are sold to local and regional converters.

Since 2001, we extend production levels each year. Following this success, and to meet current demand for our high quality tissue, our current plans include new tissue machines and a de-inking plant. This will consolidate the progress of the last few years, confirming our position as the local paper industry leader.
As a local corporate citizen we care to the community around us, particularly the environment. To this end we have implemented a variety of quality and HSE management systems, ensuring that our mill operates at international standards for air pollution. In addition, we have adopted and are implementing advanced waste management methods. 
In keeping with our mission as a national contributor, we source as much as possible of our raw materials locally, apart from pulp.