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Защо онлайн?

Standard advertising channels like press, radio and television have a definite scenario:
You invest resources, start the campaign and hold your breath. You celebrate the success after the campaign. Or you are disappointed with the failure.
If it’s the second one, then questions start to emerge such as: “What if…”, “Why didn’t I…”, “Wasn’t is better to…”.

On the other hand, online advertising has an absolutely different scenario:

The campaign begins but you have a continuous control over it. The analyses and evaluations are constantly performed throughout the campaign. If something goes wrong, we put it back together. Results always justify your investments.

And last but not least: we all first look on the Internet and then in the mailbox.

Замислете се как ни открихте?


Дейност и услуги

- Management of Advertising Campaigns in Google

- Web Site Promotion

- Online PR

- E-Marketing Solutions

- Registration in catalogues and portals

- Media Buying