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My Store
Заголовок Значение Действие 
Store Name Демонстрационен магазин Glide  
Store Owner Glide Design  
E-Mail Address info@glide-design.com  
E-Mail From "Glide Design" <info@glide-design.com>  
Country United States  
Zone Florida  
Expected Sort Order desc  
Expected Sort Field date_expected  
Switch To Default Language Currency false  
Send Extra Order Emails To  
Use Search-Engine Safe URLs (still in development) false  
Display Cart After Adding Product true  
Allow Guest To Tell A Friend false  
Default Search Operator and  
Store Address and Phone Store Name Address Country Phone  
Show Category Counts true  
Tax Decimal Places 0  
Display Prices with Tax false  
Store Name

The name of my store

Дата добавления: 26/03/2009

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